About Christine & Joel

We’re veterans in the world of dating and mating in midlife. Our goal is to help you navigate a safe and sensible path through the minefields of singlehood and find a loving partner.

Christine has been a relationship coach for over 8 years. She was single for 20 years and exactly where you are now, wishing you could meet someone special. After a few failures,christinemrt2she created a process that helped her attract the type of men she wanted and this led her to meet and marry the man of her dreams. Now, as a widow, she finds herself continuing to grow through beautiful memories along with periods of grief. As she continues to coach her clients, she’s beginning to wondjoelportrait3er about future dating for herself, and what it might look like this time.

Joel was a single man for 12 years starting at age 54. He stumbled and wandered through the minefields of dating accumulating volumes of wisdom from trial and error. He finally realized that if wanted a loving relationship with a woman, he had to change. He’s writing a book about these experiences which he’s confident will be a bestseller, if ever finishes it.

In this blog we hope to help you benefit from both our mistakes and successes and thus speed your journey to find a mate. We’ll offer our thoughts with the caveat that everyone has to find their own path and make their own decisions. We look forward to hearing your questions, observations, and stories.